You’re here because you want more than what you are currently experiencing.

I’m here to remind you of what’s really possible for you. I’m here to show you how to manifest the relationship you’ve always wanted and create the business of your dreams. To me, life is about two things – love and purpose. If you are feeling satisfied and on fire in those two areas, everything else takes care of itself. I’m obsessed with helping women become their most confident, empowered and authentic version of themselves… and to create the life they’ve always wanted as they go! 

Are you ready?.


Hi beautiful, I’m Emma Burgess!


Love used to cause me constant anxiety. I’d always be questioning what I was doing wrong, how I needed to be different or why I hadn’t attracted my man yet. I used to pine after men who weren’t at all interested in being with me, yet I was set on proving to them how great I was. It never worked.

I did the same thing over and over, jumping from one man until the next feeling heartbroken and disappointed. Finally I realised that nobody was doing anything ‘to me’ and I had to take responsibility for what was showing up. This isn’t me saying that I didn’t deserve love, or something was wrong with me. However, I had been looking for validation outside of myself and needing others to prove to me I was good enough, but it had left me feeling even worse about myself. I needed to recognise that nobody would ever value and love me if I didn’t value and love myself.

It all started with me.

Upon realising that, I set to work changing my relationship with myself. Stripping back the beliefs that kept me small and feeling unworthy, changing my patterns and behaviours around love, stepping into my true, empowered self. 

I went from trying to convince any man to love me, to easily walking away from anything that didn’t serve me. From wishing and dreaming that one day the right man would like me, to going out on dates with incredible men all of the time.

I started dating my soulmate with weeks, and now we have the relationship I always dreamt about. 

I’ve always had a burning desire to help other people reach their full potential. I was interested in personal development from a young age and this evolved into an obsession with all things Law of Attraction. After I’d gone through a huge transformation within myself, I realised that too many women are feeling unsatisfied in love. Either attracting what they don’t want or being treated in a way they dislike if they are in a relationship. This breaks my heart, as I want every women to experience mind blowing, passionate, soulful love. Love that has a foundation of self confidence, authenticity, respect and truth. I then started helping women all over the world manifest their soulmate. Find out about my relationship coaching here. My business grew very quickly and soon I started taking on business clients to help women follow their passions and have abundant coaching businesses themselves. Now I do both relationship and business coaching. You can find out about my business coaching here.

About Emma

I live in Christchurch, New Zealand with my wonderful partner Ben. 
I studied a Bachelor of Education at University but was more interested in learning everything I could about the Law of Attraction. I’m a teacher at heart and love helping women step into their truth and get all that they desire.

I love yoga and going to the gym. I also teach yoga as I love helping people connect back to their bodies and feel good in their skin. I used to struggle with eating disorders and yoga was a big part of me finding peace within myself. 

I love travel – my favourite places include Paris, New York, Chiang Mai and Florence.

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Let’s Connect