An intensive program where I get to the nuts and bolts of manifestation.

The moment I realised that manifestation was real I decided that no matter what I was going to master it.

I’d spent my life being a high achiever, and manifestation felt like the missing piece to creating the life I’d always wanted.

However – when I first started to play with manifestation, I didn’t feel very powerful at all.

I felt frustrated and stuck.

6.5 years later… I’ve spent more hours than I care to admit studying all that I can about manifesting.

Playing, integrating, experimenting, observing, shifting, watching, reading, coaching…

I’ve done it all.

I know what works.

I know what doesn’t work.

And I know how to use it to get what you desire.

Over the last 6.5 years I’ve created things beyond my wildest dreams…

My partner of over 4 years.

A multimillion dollar business.

The body I always wanted.

Becoming a millionaire.

The most amazing friendships.

Tony Robbins hugging me (twice!).

Pink singing to me.

And so much more.

Recently I’ve been feeling the pull to take my work even deeper.

To make manifestation even easier.

To teach all that I know about manifestation, in detail, over an intensive 2 month course.

That’s how Creator was born.

In this intensive course I get to the nuts and bolts of manifestation.

Automatically you will get access to 16 trainings where I break through the noise, lay it all out, answer everything you’ve always wondered and more.

I cover: 
– My manifestation process, from A to Z.
– Understanding what you feel and why it matters.
– Creating a soul-inspired vision.
– Releasing limiting beliefs
– Activating magic
– Dropping needy energy
– Surrendering
– Trusting
– Mastering intuition
– Releasing sabotaging patterns
– Receiving mode
– Embodiment
– Manifestation consistently
– Fear vs soul
– And more

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