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You know that you want more than you are currently experiencing out of life.

You have been wanting to have an amazing relationship for a while now.

You’ve been hurt, rejected and only attract men who are no where close to what you really desire.

You find yourself questioning if your standards are too high, if you’re expecting too much, if there is something wrong with you.

You wonder if you are good enough to have what you really want.

Then again, part of you is terrified of attracting what you you’ve always wanted incase it ends and you are left heartbroken.

You know that expansive, passionate love with your soulmate is possible, and you’re sick of wasting your time with men who aren’t him.

In fact – you’re done.

You’re over waiting, and you’re ready to do something about it.

You’re ready to call in the man you’ve been waiting for. This is of uttermost importance for you right now.

If you’re ready to have it all, keep reading.

I used to be where you are now. 

My story: 

My Dad left when I was 4. As soon as he left I felt as though something was missing, and questioned why he wasn’t there anymore. He lived in another country and so I only saw him about once a year for a few hours. This affected me a lot. I learnt that love was rare, that it often left and that it was hard to earn back. I believed that I must be too hard to love, that I wasn’t good enough.

I deeply craved love and yet thought I didn’t deserve it. I was very anxious and needy when it came to men, trying to prove that I was worthy of their love. When somebody wouldn’t treat me well I questioned what I’d done wrong and blame myself. After years of this, I became detached in love. I pushed it away when people offered me it, too scared to get close incase it left me.

After living like this for a few years, I realised that I was missing out on experiencing amazing love. I healed my insecurities, my feelings of unworthiness and old relationship patterns. I took my power back and fell in love with who I was, shedding the beliefs that had kept me fearful and small. I stopped being afraid of a man ruining my life, as I knew who I was and my own value. I stopped pretending I didn’t need anybody and allowed myself to be supported. I stopped punishing myself with diet and exercise and fell in love with my body.

I got to a place of feeling strong, worthy, healthy and happy with my life. I removed my limiting beliefs around love and applied the law of attraction to call in my amazing partner Ben. Ben is everything I have ever wanted in a partner. He is loving, caring, supportive and emotionally available. Our relationship is healthy, satisfying and allows us both to thrive on our individual paths as well as together. I am loved unconditionally for all that I am, I know my worth and I feel no fear or anxiety.

I’m so different to who I was before I did the work on myself. I’m so happy, and don’t seek happiness from anybody outside of me. I have an amazing relationship which is soo different to what I used to experience. My partner is so in love with me and I feel the same about him.

I had to change in order to have what I really want. Now I help others do the same.


You are clear and confident. You have a strong belief in yourself and know you are so worthy of love. You know who you are, and don’t question it no matter what. You have no fear, shame or self doubt. You have your soulmate by your side. He is everything you’ve ever wanted in a man. He is in love with you. He supports you, encourages you, believes in you and adores all that you are. 

Sound good?
I have two different ways to work with me. You can work with me through my group program Authentic Love, or on a 1:1 basis. For information on my group program, click here.

However, if you’re ready for my 1:1 container, this program will change your life forever.

Who this is for:

  • You KNOW that you create your own reality.
  • You are ready to take responsibility for your life and make it wonderful.
  • You are ready to be completely you and have amazing love.
  • You want to stop feeling needy and questioning yourself.
  • You want to grow as a person and feel healthy and fulfilled in yourself.
  • You are committed to your highest self and creating the relationship you desire.
  • You want to feel safe and confident when dating and in a relationship.
  • You are ready to ditch shame, unworthiness and fear.
  • You are going to play full out for your true self.
  • You are ready to take responsibility for all that you’re creating.
  • You want to feel confident and self love like never before.
  • You want to be with somebody who encourages you to be all of you.
  • You are ready to be honest, to take massive action and to be incredibly happy.

What you can expect as a private client:

  • Book your calls in advance finding a time that works on my calendar.
  • You do the work outside of our scheduled calls and take personal responsibility for moving forward.
  • You have my full support throughout the journey if you get stuck and to keep me updated, but you respect my time and don’t need me to do the work for you.
  • You are open and real with me so that you can truly step into who you are and manifest what you desire.


Ultimate Love Program

A 12 week 1:1 intensive program focusing on loving yourself and manifesting your soulmate. Together we will identify the core issues in mindset, behaviour and energy that are out of alignment with who you truly are and what you wish to create. We will remove any blocks and realign you with your highest self so that you love and adore yourself. You will realign new beliefs and learn how to be an energetic match to the relationship you want and I will help you create it.

What is included: 

9 x 45 minute 1:1 sessions with me, approximately 7-10 days apart.
Messenger and voice support outside of the sessions.
Access to my Feminine Magnetism Program.

Investment: $10,000 USD in full.

OR 3 monthly payments of $3400 USD.
OR 6 monthly payments $1777.

Any questions feel free to email me at hello@emmainflow.com.

Hear from my private clients…


“This was the best decision I have made in the last few years. She is hands down the best. My life has done a complete 180. My biggest discovery in my journey with Emma was that I AM ENOUGH. I have never felt that way before in my life. Me and every last bit of me is more than enough.”



“I manifested a paid for apartment in London, I manifested a ticket worth $1,000USD for FREE to an event in New York, I manifested an amazing guy who treats me with respect and doesn’t require me to be a lesser version of myself in order to appease him, I manifest free coffees almost daily, opportunities left right and centre, but most importantly.. I have stepped into the woman I have always been and always knew I could be.


I can breathe, my eyes sparkle, and I remember everything I’m worth. Old friends are floored when they see me. They can see the life in my eyes again and the glow of my spirit. I’M BACK. I have met a wonderful man who treats me like the Queen I am.”

Let’s Connect

Let’s Connect