Manifestation Queen

Manifestation Queen is my signature manifestation program.
In this program I break down all you need to know to be an incredible manifestor and start to create your reality.
This program is 5 deep dive trainings, which have been recorded.
The 5 trainings cover:
Understanding Your Power
Reconnecting to how powerful you really and removing anything that makes you unwilling to step into your creative power. I touch on feeling safe to create, ownership and feeling worthy of having it all.
My Manifestation Process
I break down the process that I use to create my reality over and over again. I have used this process to go from 3K months to 1.3 million in sales within a year. I have used this to call in money on demand, health, love and so much more. This will change your view of manifestation forever.
Fear vs Soul
In this training I break down moving out of fear. I talk about shifting out of resistance quickly, how to release what is holding you back and more.
I talk about trusting and letting go in order to create. One of the biggest blockers to the success you desire is being unwilling to let go and receive it. This training makes this easy.
Quantum Leaping
In this training I pull the other trainings together. You learn how to fully step into your new reality and how to be that person long term.
If you want to create your life on your terms, this is perfect for you.

Manifestation Queen
Manifestation Queen – 2 Payments

Manifestation Queen – 3 Payments