In this short blog post, I am going to share what I coach my clients on, how to energetically attract ideal clients.  

#1 – Work in your zone of genius. Own your magic and how you change lives. This is the key. Your genius zone. Valuing yourself, your knowledge, your skills.

#2 – Become Obsessed. Have offers that you are obsessed with and completely behind. Charge price points that feel like a complete yes in your body. Be open to receiving that money and in the frequency of it. The vibe needs to screen 100% YES

#3 – Master your message. Speak directly to your soul mate clients. Master your message so you are seen as an authority for these people. The vibe you feel behind your offers is the key. The words in your message will attract the right people to you. 

#4 – Release the money drama you are holding onto. All the old stories that you keep on telling yourself. Get rid of those, and replace them with the new stories. Align with the success you desire. Make it feel easy, normal and no big deal.

#5 – Show up daily and sell through your message. Do the work to remove resistance to doing so. Every time you feel resistance, ask yourself WHY?

#6 – Release the need to have any of it. Be so grounded in who you are, what you know, and your power that you are unattached to what happens externally. Cause your worthiness is not a reflection of your clients, your worthiness is a reflection of your belief. 

#7 – Be the leader. Appoint yourself as one. And trust yourself. Drop into the energy of having it all.  All the desires you dream off, and follow your guidance from there.

Over the years, I’ve noticed common energy blocks with my clients.

There are 3 things that can stop the flow of the clients and business growth coming your way.

#1 you stopped your flow by acting from the place of fear and need.

#2 you have the resistance toward your desires and

#3 your current energy needs to shift to a high vibing one.

That is why, I’ve created the 3 Free video series that help you get in the flow.

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