There are many people on the planet who have no desire to use your product or service, no matter what you do. You can spend your life trying to convince people that they need to see your value, but some people won’t.

It’s like trying to sell a man tampons. No matter how gorgeous they look, or how good a job they do, they aren’t gonna buy them!

So let’s talk about how to attract clients energetically.

What Stops The Flow?

Assuming you are unworthy because of those people who aren’t right for you repels what you desire. It’s like assuming you’re unworthy because a man won’t buy your tampons. Assuming your tampons suck because he has no use for them. Assuming that they are useless because he wouldn’t use them. You are barking up the wrong tree. When you create a story about something that was never going to be a perfect fit no matter how hard you try, you stop yourself from attracting the people who are right for your work. That being said, what allows the flow?

What Allows The Flow?
It is your energy. The energy of doubt, fear and need stops the flow.
When you are grounded in your own worth and value who you are, the people who are a match to that will come into your experience. The incredible, soulmate clients will want to give you money and will pay the fees you ask for.

How to get what you desire?
You are a unique soul. You have so much to offer the world. You have so much that people want. The people who don’t see your value are never going to be right for you. Your job isn’t to spend one second convincing anybody. Your job isn’t to run around searching for your worth. Your job is to get clear on who you are, who you’re perfect for and what you desire. That’s it.When you’re clear on your value, those who see it will be everywhere.

Get Your Energy Behind To Attract What You Want
Over the years, I’ve noticed common energy blocks with my clients. There are 3 things that can stop the flow of the clients and business growth coming your way.

#1 you stopped your flow by acting from the place of fear and need.

#2 you have the resistance toward your desires and

#3 your current energy needs to shift to a high vibing one.

That is why I created the 3 video series that help you get in the flow. Click here to download now.